May 07, 2018

The New England Venture Capital Association recently nominated TellusLabs for Company of the Year in AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain Technology. We were asked to share our story with them, and now we want to share it with you!


Who are we?

TellusLabs is a 14 person company based in Davis Square, Somerville. We’re using satellites and machine learning to build a dynamic map of the world’s natural resources. We’re honored to be nominated for this NEVY award!

Why and how are we doing this?

The Planet Earth is an amazing, living thing. Its environment is a dynamic set of systems that provide abundant resources. Human civilization exists because of our ability to understand these systems and harvest their fruit. At TellusLabs, we’re building a map of the planet’s resources that is just as dynamic as the planet itself. We’re creating technology that not only monitors changes, but anticipates them.

To succeed as scientists and entrepreneurs, we need to make really good choices in the tools we use, the problems we want to solve, and the people we collaborate with.

Our founders (David and Mark) — and the team we’ve assembled — are world experts in satellite data and machine learning. The combination of these two areas of expertise allows us to model earth systems. Showing charismatic imagery is not enough — it only becomes valuable once an analytical layer is applied.

● We’re laser-focused on agriculture because we believe there’s tremendous economic and societal urgency in understanding global food supply. (Our models have predicted US corn and soy supply ahead of the government and market consensus for 2 years running!)

● Within 18 months of our company’s founding, our customers include world-leading agribusinesses, financial institutions and consumer goods corporations.

We think this living map is not arriving a moment too soon. For most of our history, we as a species have treated the earth’s abundant resources as if they were limitless. For some time now, it’s been clear to the world’s scientific community that that is simply not the case. Until recently, many of the most important decision makers in the economy — corporations, investors, governments — haven’t factored climate change and large-scale demographic shifts into their planning. Our early customer traction shows that is changing. Our Kernel product is already driving smarter trading decisions for commodities funds, wiser risk management for consumer goods producers and more savvy grain marketing for growers.

TellusLabs is determined to use crop monitoring and modeling technology to innovate an industry where people have real problems that aren’t being solved — problems that matter to the economy. However, agriculture is really the start for us. Most of the same technology stack can be deployed into verticals adjacent to agriculture — like carbon in forests, water supply — creating a virtuous circle of environmental intelligence.

We are always looking for new partners for the journey — please don’t hesitate to reach out to info@telluslabs!

The NEVY Awardsare this Wednesday- stay tuned!

Curious about Kernel? Request a free trial here!

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