June 14, 2018

The AgTech Nexus conference took place on June 6th and 7th at the Harvard Club in Boston. The two-day conference was filled with talks led by agribusinesses, investors, and tech companies. Our CEO, David Potere, participated in a discussion with Kevin Chen, CEO of Crop Enhancement, about the benefits and the challenges coming into agtech from a non-farming background. David was introduced to agtech through his interest in remote sensing and satellite data, and Kevin’s background is in operating material science-centric technology companies. For both Crop Enhancement and TellusLabs, coming into the agriculture sector with an external perspective has fueled the growth of new, innovative solutions.

Both David and Kevin agree that there is a lot still left to learn. "There are a number of us at Tellus that come in from that technology angle, “ David explained. “We know about a lot about satellites and geospatial technology, but there aren’t a lot of farmers running around here in Cambridge. It’s challenging when you are in the CEO hot seat and you don’t have the experience growing up through the sector,” he admits.

Ultimately, David finds that "the most important way to counteract these challenges is to listen and be humble. The ag industry is so welcoming, and people are so eager to help. That's one of the things I really like about it." Kevin Chen agrees. “I always meet growers with humility," he added, "because farming is a noble profession, and it deserves our respect."

Watch more below:

AgTech Nexus from TellusLabs on Vimeo.


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