June 20, 2018




Drew is the front end engineer at TellusLabs. He previously the lead front end engineer at Control, at a rapidly growing payment analytics startup in Vancouver, B.C. For many years, he worked with organizations to develop technical and business strategies, and helped them establish a strong online presence and brand. At TellusLabs, his primary responsibility is to build the Kernel user interface; this includes turning wireframe designs into functioning features, improving the user experience, and troubleshooting issues. Outside of work, Drew enjoys tending to his garden or playing with his daughters.

The most challenging part of working at TellusLabs for Drew is how quickly the product and technology is evolving. “Everyday is a balancing act of getting priority work done as quickly as possible,” he says, “while building a sustainable framework that can accommodate the future roadmap of Kernel.”

Drew notes that his greatest challenge at TellusLabs is also his favorite part of working for company. “Everyday is packed with learning new skills, and pushing myself to deliver a product that our company can be proud of. It’s been really exciting to see the product come such a long way in such a short period of time.” So far, he is the most proud of our most recent release: Kernel Global. The new dashboard he has created shows off all the capabilities of Kernel in a clean and modern design.  

“I think the most unique thing about TellusLabs is the team,” Drew concludes. “ I’ve never worked with such a talented and driven group of people. The awesome thing is, despite the intensity of a big release or technical issues, everyone is super upbeat and supportive.”


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