June 20, 2018

Greg is the Head of Product at TellusLabs. He joins the team with significant experience building and managing award-winning products across different industries and functions. He was previously a product manager for Meridian, BCG’s proprietary spatial analytics platform, where he supported products and case teams answering location-based questions for Fortune 500 companies around the globe. At TellusLabs, Greg works to ensure that Kernel continues to offer value to our clients. In his free time, Greg enjoys seeing live music (specifically, anything except for country).

Greg’s largest success at TellusLabs is the advancement of our flagship product, Kernel. “When I started here, Kernel was a PDF,” he says. “Now, it’s a global tool with multiple access layers that serve a wide variety of customers and use cases.”

He is currently working on enhancing the monitoring and modeling capabilities of Kernel, and ensuring that the insights delivered through the platform are properly aligned with customer needs.  To tackle this, Greg spends a lot of time engaging with customers, analyzing the challenges and information shortages in their daily workflow, and iterating on solutions to these problems. “There’s a market research aspect that’s important--knowing who your products are serving, the competitive landscape, etc.  But really, there’s no substitute for building strong customer empathy. You can’t build a successful product without truly understanding the challenges your customers face, and working with them to provide real, actionable solutions."

Greg’s favorite part of working at TellusLabs is the ambition behind the company mission.  “Building a living map of the world’s food supply is a fascinating challenge, and it’s an exciting problem to tackle.”


Meet the Team

Ophir Horn: Head of Engineering
Subit Chakrabarti: Remote Sensing Scientist
Zoe Clark: Software Engineer
Nick Malizia: Head of Data Science

Kirk Zmijewski, Data Scientist

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