June 01, 2018



Ophir is the Head of Engineering at TellusLabs. On a day-to-day basis, he helps oversee the coding and designing that constitutes the architecture of our product, Kernel. Ophir was previously the Senior Engineer at NetApp and the Vice President of Engineering of ITculate.io, a Cloud infrastructure company that he co-founded. Ophir uses his extensive experience in engineering to help mentor and develop the engineering team. In his free time, he enjoys hiking and road or mountain biking.

Ophir says that one of his greatest achievements at TellusLabs is streamlining and consolidating the infrastructure of Kernel to maximize efficiency. He contributed to automating the use Amazon Web Service (an on-demand cloud computing platform), which was previously operated entirely by hand. “Right now, if we want a hundred machines to do something, we can just press a button and do it.”

He also re-configured the API (Application Programming Interface) and the data infrastructure to increase their capability to process new features in Kernel. This makes it possible for the front-end engineers to continue to innovate and improve the product, and for customers to seamlessly integrate the product into their own systems.

Currently, Ophir's main focus is redesigning the infrastructure that allows Kernel to process immense amounts of complex data from around the world. “Ultimately we have two challenges in the company," he explains. "One challenge is the science part, where we are trying to bring insights that are meaningful. The other one is to take that science and do it on a really, really, large scale.” Ophir is looking forward to continue building, streamlining, and strengthening an architecture that can process such large amounts of information. “Excitement and anxiety,” he says with a laugh, “are kind of the same thing.”

Ophir’s favorite aspect of working for TellusLabs is the people. “What we do here isn’t easy,” he says simply. “Being around smart, talented, and kind people makes the impossible a lot more possible.”


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