MIT Tech Review: Crystal Ball for Corn Crop Yields Will Revolutionize Commodity Trading.

September 22, 2017

Between the launch of theKernel product, the deployment of our US corn and soy models and the contagious excitement of the US growing season, TellusLabs had a really busy summer. Now that the weather is “crisper” and the leaves are changing here in New England, we’re getting a chance to catch our breaths, internalize lessons learned and look to the future (starting with the corn and soy growing seasons in South America!).


We also now have the chance to share some of our adventures from the past few months. Here are some of the highlights:

We were excited to host the global open source geospatial community here in Boston at theFOSS4G conference, where our very own Tina Cormier presented and gave a series of workshops on the possibilities of R in Geo.


Our own Nick Malizia travelled north of the border to the KDD conference in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to present on Remote Sensing in Agriculture in front of some of the preeminent minds in the world’s machine learning community.


Greg Allen, David Potere & Fernando R-V made their own pilgrimage to the mecca of tech, San Francisco, where TellusLabswon the Space category of the Global Grand Challenge at theSingularity University Global Summit.

telluslabs-su-greg telluslabs-su-david

Lastly, David and Fernando got their boots dirty participating as “scouts” in the 25th annualFarmJournal Crop Tour. By day, they collected corn and soy samples driving through South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa and Minnesota. By night, they shared hard-earned suds with some of the industry’s most knowledgeable growers, brokers and journalists.

telluslabs-crop-tour-2 telluslabs-crop-tour-frv

tl-crop-tour-david tl-crop-tour-hall

Please watch the space for more stories, we learned a lot this Summer and we can't wait to show off the ways we are implementing our new knowledge in our technology and products.