January 05, 2017

Today, we are pleased to announce that we’ve just raised $3.1 million in seed funding for TellusLabs.  Our investor team has decades of combined experience in bringing exciting new data and insights businesses to market.   The team is led by Roger Ehrenberg of IA Ventures, and includes Hyperplane VCFounder Collective, and Project 11 Ventures.

This new funding event, together with our MassChallenge Diamond Award from November, is fueling a new wave of growth at TellusLabs; including new heads of engineering, data science, product, and business development.  Learn about the new team here.  Additionally, we are recruiting top engineering and data science talent--contact recruiting@telluslabs.com to find out more.

Today, our team is largely focused on Kernel, our suite of spaceborne agricultural intelligence products.  This past growing season, we did a BETA release of Kernel that consistently predicted the USDA’s final 2016 corn and soy yield reports ahead of all publicly available in-season forecasts.  That beta was just the beginning. In 2017, we are offering access to Kernel’s insights as a commercial product, and we have already gained some high-profile customers. The team is also expanding the bounds of Kernel, pushing our models and forecasts into new geographies and crop types.

“We’re witnessing the birth of a new space sector,” said Roger Ehrenberg, managing partner of IA Ventures. “While the market will ultimately impact decision making in almost all industries on Earth, there is clear initial demand for intelligence on global crop production. With the team’s deep domain experience in satellite remote sensing, physical geography, and statistics and machine learning we view TellusLabs as an early leader in this burgeoning market.

Our goal is to provide insights from satellite imagery that will help solve the biggest problems facing society. How will we feed a rapidly growing global population? How will we manage our increasingly limited water resources?  How can we best manage our land and forest resources in an era of climate change? The answer to these pressing questions can be addressed by satellite imagery and Earth data, and the private sector has to be part of the solution. We aim to be a big part of that story,” said Mark Friedl, Ph.D., co-founder and Chief Science Officer (CSO) of TellusLabs.

Contact business@telluslabs.com for inquiries on insights access and partnership opportunities.

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